Photo Restoration

Historic family photos or negatives can be digitally archived, enhanced with digital retouching and restoration, and custom printed using an historic photographic process or a contemporary digital printing process.

Each photo restoration project is unique.  Please contact Pam for more information and prices.

Digital Archive of Vintage Photos

The quickest way to ensure that you have copies of your original negatives and prints is to create a high resolution digital archive.   The digital archive does not replace the originals; instead it allows you to easily share with family and friends and to make prints without risking damage to the originals.

Restoration and Enhancement of Vintage Photos

Once your vintage photos are expertly digitized, the digital copy can be  retouched to remove scratches, stains and tears.  The tone can also be adjusted to restore some of the original contrast and clarity.

Custom Printing

Contemporary digital images or digital copies of vintage photographs can be printed using historic alchemic processes such as salted paper, platinum palladium, and silver gelatin. This is a unique way to honor the historic origins of a photograph or, in the case of new digital images, to celebrate the handmade qualities of historic photographic processes.  Analogue Dragon historic process prints are beautiful, archival, treasures.

Restored color photos can be printed using one of the monochromatic process listed above or they can be printed  in color digitally on fine art paper with archival inks.

Digital Archive Examples